Destiny 2: Salvation’s Edge Guide

“Destiny 2” is a widely popular first-person shooter with RPG elements developed by Bungie. One of the most intriguing aspects of the game is its ever-evolving content, which includes new weapons, quests, and expansions. One of the most talked-about weapons in recent times is “Salvation’s Edge,” an exotic weapon that has captured the attention of many Guardians. This guide will walk you through the steps to obtain and master this powerful weapon, ensuring you’re ready for challenges like The Final Shape Raid Day One carry.

Что такое Грань спасения?

Salvation’s Edge is an exotic kinetic sword with a unique ability to create Stasis walls. This ability can be utilized both defensively and offensively, making it a versatile weapon in the hands of a skilled Guardian. Its intrinsic perk, “Edge of Salvation,” allows the user to summon Stasis crystals that can freeze enemies and create barriers.

Как получить преимущество спасения

Шаг 1: Разблокируйте квест

To start the journey towards acquiring Salvation’s Edge, you need to unlock the quest. This can be done by visiting the Exo Stranger on Europa after completing the Beyond Light campaign. She will provide you with the quest titled “Stasis Prototype.”

Шаг 2: Победить Падшего Дома Спасения

The first task requires you to defeat 100 House Salvation Fallen on Europa. These enemies can be found in various locations across the moon, including Eventide Ruins and Cadmus Ridge. Public events and patrols are a good way to encounter large groups of Fallen.

Шаг 3. Соберите информацию

After defeating the Fallen, the next step is to collect intel by completing public events, patrols, and Lost Sectors on Europa. This part of the quest emphasizes exploration and participation in various activities on the moon.

Шаг 4: Завершите затерянный сектор Скрытой Бездны

Once you have gathered enough intel, you will be directed to complete the Concealed Void Lost Sector in Asterion Abyss. This Lost Sector can be challenging, so ensure you are well-equipped and possibly bring along a fireteam to assist.

Шаг 5: Победить Технократа

The penultimate step involves defeating the Technocrat in the Empire Hunt mission. This mission becomes available after completing the necessary steps in Variks’ Sabotage quests. The Technocrat is a formidable opponent, so prepare for a tough battle.

Шаг 6: Вернитесь к экзо-незнакомцу

After defeating the Technocrat, return to the Exo Stranger to receive the final component of the quest. She will direct you to the final activity, which involves using the weapon’s unique abilities.

Освоение края спасения

Перки и модификации

Salvation’s Edge имеет несколько преимуществ, повышающих его эффективность:

  • Грань спасения : призывайте кристаллы стазиса, чтобы заморозить врагов и создать барьеры.
  • Тяжелая стража : повышенная устойчивость защиты за счет снижения скорости заряда.
  • Thrive in Chaos: Increased damage when surrounded by combatants.

To maximize the weapon’s potential, consider equipping mods that enhance melee damage, sword ammo reserves, and Stasis abilities. These enhancements can be particularly useful in high-stakes scenarios, such as Salvations Edge Day One Carry.

Лучшие практики

  • Creating Cover: Use the Stasis walls to create cover in open areas, allowing you to control the battlefield.
  • Freezing Enemies: Summon Stasis crystals in tight clusters of enemies to freeze and shatter them for massive damage.
  • Сочетание со способностями подкласса : соедините «Край спасения» с подклассом «Стазис» для синергии. Используйте гранаты и способности ближнего боя, чтобы усилить замораживающие способности оружия.

Подготовка к рейдам с Salvation’s Edge

Raids are some of the most challenging content in D2, and having the right gear can make all the difference. The Salvation’s Edge can be a game-changer for activities such as the Destiny 2 SE Raid Day One carry. Its Stasis abilities provide crowd control and defensive options that are invaluable in raid settings.

For Guardians aiming to tackle The Final Shape Raid Day One boost, mastering this weapon can significantly boost your chances of success. Utilizing a Salvation’s Edge Service can also help you get the weapon and practice its use before the big raid day.


Salvation’s Edge is a unique and powerful addition to any Guardian’s arsenal. Its ability to manipulate the battlefield with Stasis crystals provides a tactical edge in both PvE and PvP activities. By following this guide, you’ll be well on your way to mastering this exotic sword and becoming a formidable force in the universe of Destiny 2. Salvation’s Edge is a weapon that should not be overlooked.

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