Destiny 2 Beta: Bungie Should Focus more on PvE, Super Abilities Cool-downs as well

So, Destiny 2 Beta is now Live on both of the consoles. Bungie introduced two brand new maps for Crucible that are ‘Endless Vale’ (Control specific) and ‘Midtown’ (Countdown specific). Players can get three Exotic weapons in total, one for each subclass – Sweet Business for Titans, Sunshot for Hunters & Riskrunner for Warlocks.

Open Beta for Destiny 2 will be available tomorrow to everyone at 10AM Pacific. Bungie will allow players to try out their new Social Space called ‘The Farm’ on July 21 at 10AM Pacific. So far, players across each platform are facing some bugs & glitches that will help Bungie to fix when the full game releases.


Destiny has most of its fun because of PvE events. Getting into Raids with your Fireteam is the best part of Destiny. As Destiny 1 comes to an end, players are getting ready for the next installment to the series. Here’s what we think about Destiny 2 Beta after playing through every available subclass of every character.

We think Bungie is focusing a little too much on Destiny 2 PvP. As far as we can tell, that new super charging is taking a hell lot of time. We even tried calculating it by playing the new strike – We were able to use our supers only twice throughout the whole strike which is highly unusual.

It’s not only with the super abilities, grenades melee abilities are also taking so much time to cool down. Bungie did said that they will be making some significant changes to the game after the beta test – So, this is not the final version of what we will be getting in full game release.

What Bungie need to work on is, that they need to decrease the cool-down of every super abilities, grenades and melee for every character. So, players can use it more often in their activities. Bungie is putting their focus on PvP too much.


Destiny 1 needed a lot of working on its PvP experience. Grenades, Shoulder charge and even melee were the worst thing about Destiny 1. Good thing is that Bungie has worked on all that in Destiny 2.

So, if we talk about the PvP experience in Destiny 2 Beta, there are still number of things wrong. First, the power ammo – if you’ve played the beta, you can tell that only one person can get the power ammo when it’s available. But from above average PvP player, it’s actually a good thing for them – making it more competitive.

Titan’s Sentinel will be mainly focus in PvP. You can do almost everything with it. You can throw shield once per super that’ll slashes your enemies, you can block incoming attacks, and you can also one-shot melee. So, this is probably a plus for every Titan there is in the community.


As far as we can tell, Bungie really need to focus on PvE as well. Making PvP more about gunfights is not what every player wants. We can only hope that Bungie fix these currently known issues with the game. We cannot wait for the full game to release. Luckily, now we are less than 2 months away from it’s actual release. What do you think about these new changing in Destiny 2 PvP and PvE? Do you like them or not? Let us know in comments below!

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