Here’s Our First Look at Lost Sectors in Destiny 2

Bungie just rolled out the Destiny 2 Early Access Beta on Xbox One as well. Players on Xbox may experience some errors, bugs while playing, connecting to servers as Bungie said themselves. Destiny 2 Beta went Live on PlayStation 4 yesterday.

So, if we talk about Lost Sectors, Luke Smith on the Gameplay Reveal Event for Destiny 2 revealed that Lost Sectors are basically events which you can go to anytime even if you’re in some activity (which in this case is this new Strike). Steve Cotton, World Director at Bungie, confirmed that most of the Lost Sectors are hand-crafted, and not just a copy-paste of materials.

Well, there’s been some news on how you can get the Lost Sector in Destiny 2 strike called ‘The Inverted Spire’. After spawning into the game, if you go to your right-side, you can see a big symbol of Lost Sectors on this Vex structured wall. This means that there must be a dungeon for this. And luckily, we did find one!

If we take a closer look at this big Vex-themed Gate, the first thing that comes in our mind is the good old ‘Vault of Glass’. We had to enter the same type of gate at Atheon checkpoint. Lost Sectors are not visible on your map, but once you’ve found and defeated the boss at the end of it, it’ll show up on your map as a completed event.

Obviously, you’ll get some sweet sweet loot after completing a Lost Sector event. This is everything we know about Lost Sectors in Destiny 2. It’s a good thing we get to see it in Destiny 2 Beta. We will get more information about it when the game kicks off on September 6.

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