Destiny 2 Open Beta Timings – Everything You need to Know!

Destiny 2 Open Beta Early Access went live yesterday for Xbox One as well. Now, it’s time for those players to try out the open beta who didn’t pre-order Destiny 2. Bungie did say that said PC users will get Destiny 2 Open Beta in somewhere mid or late August.

Destiny 2 Open Beta will be Live later today. Here’s everything you need to know about it!


Beta will be live in every region according to their standard time zone.

United StatesJuly 2110:00 AM PDT
United KingdomJuly 2106:00 PM BST
AustraliaJuly 2203:00 AM GMT
GermanyJuly 2107:00 PM GMT
FranceJuly 2107:00 PM GMT
JapanJuly 2202:00 AM JST
RussiaJuly 2108:00 PM GMT
PakistanJuly 2110:00 PM GMT
IndiaJuly 2110:30 PM IST
BrazilJuly 2102:00 PM GMT
NetherlandsJuly 2107:00 PM GMT

These are the starting timings for listed counties. If you’ve concerned about the content included in Destiny 2 Open Beta, here’s everything you need to know!


Content included in Destiny 2 beta is very less as compared to Destiny 1 Beta/Alpha. Bungie allowed players to explore whole Cosmodrome in D1 Alpha/beta. We’ve compiled a list of content that you can get your hands on!

·         First Story Mission “Homecoming”

·         Brand New Strike “The Inverted Spire

·         New PvP mode “Countdown”

·         Another PvP mode “Control”

·         Two mode-exclusive maps “Endless Vale” for Control, “Midtown” for Countdown.

·         All 6 currently known sub-classes will be available in the beta which includes Titan’s Sentinel/Striker, Warlock’s Dawnblade/Voidwalker and Hunter’s Arcstrider/Gunslinger.

·         New Social Space “The Farm” which will be available only for one hour on July 23 at 10:00 AM Pacific!

·         3 brand new Exotic weapons that are SunshotSweet Business and Riskrunner.

This is everything you can find in Destiny 2 Open Beta. Beta will be available to download once it’s live. Download size for this beta is approximately 15GB on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you still have any questions regarding Destiny 2 Beta, feel free to ask them in comments below!

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