Destiny 2 Beta: The Good and The Bad

Players can finally get their hands on Destiny 2 beta on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For those who didn’t pre-ordered the game, don’t worry. Destiny 2 Open Beta kicks off tomorrow at 10AM Pacific. Players get to see many things in this beta test. They get to try out three new Exotic Weapons for each subclass – New sub-classes themselves. And, not to mention, the brand new PvP mode ‘Countdown’. Most of the players have positive feedback for this beta. But there are still some features that needs Travelers Light. (unfortunately Garry has it all for himself now, Alas!).

Today, we are discussing some of the good changes that made it to Destiny 2. That’s not all, we are also going to discuss some bad features that needs to be fixed when the game releases on September 6.

The Good:

There are tons of new features that Bungie revealed in this new Destiny 2 beta. We are going to talk about it from top to bottom!

PvP: Destiny 2 PvP experience is no doubt felt somewhat good. Less usage of abilities and more gunfights. That’s what everyone’s wanted back in Destiny 1 when they were sick of those Trip-mines, and one-shot ‘nades as well. Now, it’s more about Gunfights. 4v4 matches making it even more competitive than ever before. And now, it’s all about team coordination and how they work together.

PvE: If we talk about PvE in Destiny 2, everything felt so nice and smooth as compared to Destiny 1. One thing that caught our eye was the vast and beautiful landscapes of Nessus. New Cabal forces are more challenging which is a good thing (still going to miss those troll Taken Cabals though!).

Weapons and Abilities: Bungie really listened to the community after all. Those one-shot kill Sticky grenades, Shoulder charge & Trip-mines, all getting balanced for good. Some players find it very helpful for them in PvP.

New Super abilities looks very interesting as well. Titan’s Sentinel will definitely be the most picked subclass. It has everything a super needs, the ability to block incoming attacks, it can throw his Captain America shield that slashes from enemy to enemy. And it can melee attack as well. Hunter’s Arcstrider and Warlock’s Dawnblade are also great on their own aspects’.

If we talk about new weapons in Destiny 2, players get to experience three new Exotics ‘Sweet Business’ for Titan, ‘Sunshot’ for Hunter and ‘Riskrunner’ for Warlocks. Sweet Business can definitely do better in PvE than PvP, so as for Riskrunner. But Sunshot can be used in both activities.

The Bad:

Everything mentioned above are the good things about the Destiny 2 beta. Now, let’s talk about some features that everyone is not happy with.

PvP: PvP experience no doubt now is more competitive than ever before. But what about those who are below average at PvP? Getting to the lighthouse won’t be possible for them even in Destiny 2. That’s not all! If we talk about Ammo availability, Power Ammo (also known as Heavy ammo) is available shortly after the match starts. But the main thing which is not right about it that only one player can pick it up. Bungie making it way to complex/competitive for those who are playing it just for fun.

PvE: As we already said, Bungie is focusing too much on Destiny 2 PvP than PvE. Some players are complaining that new weapon system is not working for PvP Giving us the Exotic Auto Rifle just to survive the story mission and strike while we keep running out of ammo for the rest.

Abilities: Destiny 2 character abilities take a lot of time to charge. Following are some key points that needs to be fixed:

  1. Super Abilities takes forever to charge.
  2. Same with Grenades and Melee abilities.
  3. Grenades are badly nerfed.


As far as we can tell, Bungie really need to take notice of this community’s feedback of Destiny 2 beta. There are number of things that needs their attention. But on the other hand, some changing is far better as compared to Destiny 1. What are your opinion on this? Should we continue with this Super abilities, grenades and melee cool-down times? Do take a moment to comment your thoughts below!

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