This is How you can Use Unlimited Dawnblade in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Open Beta Early Access is finally Live on PlayStation 4. And now, with-in few hours, it’ll be Live on Xbox One as well. Yesterday, players faced many unusual errors in the Beta like termitesmoose etc. There have been some news that players are still getting kicked out from their game when an activity is complete. But we all know that Bungie already warned us that there will be some errors and bugs in this beta test.

If you’re a Destiny 1 player, you may have known the Infamous ‘Unlimited/Infinite Super Glitch’. Well, guess what? It’s back in Destiny 2. Yes, you heard right! You can use your super infinitely in PvP (Nessus in specific). All you have to do it to start the new Strike ‘The Inverted Spire’. As soon as you land, you can see there’s some enemies on Pikes (enemy sparrows), just kill them but be careful to know blowup that sparrow. You’ll going to need it later for this glitch.

How To Do:

In order to do this glitch, you must have a Sparrow (pike in this case, as there’s not sparrow available in this beta test)

  1. You need to fully-charged your Super. Once is fully-charged, you need to get off your Pike.
  2. Activate your Dawnblade, as soon as your Guardian swings his/her sword, you need to get on your Pike the very exact moment.
  3. After doing it right, you will notice that your Warlock is still holding Dawnblade in it’s hand even after getting on Pike.
  4. Open your Character Screen, and simply change your Primary Weapon. Once it’s changed, you can use your Dawnblade infinitely throughout that strike. However, this can only be done in this new Strike.

We may face some more errors while this beta lasts. All we can say is about this glitch is ‘New game, Same Glitches’. Good Luck!

Source: YouTube

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