This Player has made a Vex DLC for Destiny and it’s Something You Must See

Destiny 1 may be at its end, but the community never fails to amaze us. We’ve seen some creations from Destiny community like a physical Lore Novel. Well, this time it’s a creation of ‘Alexander Selik Selivanov’. He has made a concept art of Vex themed DLC  called “The Vex Legacy” for Destiny. And the cool thing about it is that presentation includes everything from your Title Screen to Environment Design to weapons. This has never been done before.

After taking a look those vex themed armor, we can tell that this player did work really hard on this project. Working from scratch to this final piece is truly something. There are also new sub-classes for each character as well.  Sun Cleric for Titans, Starlord for Hunters and Distorter for Warlocks (with supers and grenades/melee as well). Those new Vex environments are looking completely insane (now we want a new Vex DLC). This type of work truly requires hard work and dedication.

You can check out his Profile for more cool concept arts. What are your thoughts on this? Do let us know in comments below!

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