Bungie Has Changed A Lot of Things in Destiny 2 PC Beta – First Impression

Destiny 2 PC Beta is finally Live and will be available for next three days ending on August 31st. Tomorrow, Open Beta for Destiny 2 will be going Live to everyone on PC. Means, players who didn’t pre-ordered the game can download and participate in the beta test program. Everything else is the same. We have first mission called Homecoming, a Strike called ‘The Inverted Spire’ and a two PvP game-modes (Control and Countdown).

Ok, Let’s start with the new things that wasn’t seen in console Beta. First off, there’s a new PvP map for Control playlist called Javelin-4. Secondly, we have our first look at Ship Mods, Weapon Mods and Visual Effects. We don’t have any info about the ‘Visual Effects’ at this moment. Let’s take a look:

These were not included in the console beta for Destiny 2 back in July. Destiny 2 is launching on September 6, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (October 24, 2017 on PC).

There were a lot of things wrong when the beta went Live on consoles. Heavy ammo drops were very rare. Super abilities and other abilities like grenades, melees were charging very slow and players barely get a chance to use it in public matches especially in new PvP mode Countdown. Now, after the feedback of Destiny 2 beta Bungie received, they assured us that most of these problems are already fixed as this (console beta) was an old build of the game.

Now, after playing Destiny 2 Beta we can clearly say that Bungie did changed a lot of things if we compare it to console build of the beta.

1. Changes they made to Supers are fantastic. It charges so much faster (same thing for Grenades, Melee)

2. Heavy Ammo drops are very often in PvE activities like missions/strikes.

3. Text chat is definitely a Plus for PC players. Players can now send text messages while playing a match.

4. Bungie added Controller Support to PC players. You can plug-in your controller (PlayStation/Xbox) and can play it just like you play on consoles. This feature is for those players who just shifted from consoles to PC to try out the game.

5. And finally we have our nerfed Turbine. RIP!

Overall, the game looks so smooth. Though, cut-scenes are capped to 30fps on PC. This is our first impression of the Destiny 2 beta and what changes happened in compare to the console build. We recently figured out where Destiny 2’s Raid going to take place. Click here for more info.

Yesterday, there was a Leak where we had our first look at new Exclusive Content for PlayStationCharacter Customization and much more. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in comments below!

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