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Destiny 2: New Max Power Level Revealed!

Max Power Level

Destiny 2 is now LIVE in some regions like New Zealand, Australia etc. Players are more than excited to play this next installment to the series. We have had bunch of leaks for Destiny 2 in past couple of days that revealed new Eoxtics, Returning Exotics from Destiny 1 and …

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Destiny 2 Emblems Giveaway!


For the release of Destiny 2 on consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), we (DestinyPoint+) and Destiny2Pros.com are Giving away 10 Exclusive Emblems for Destiny 2. It includes 5 Confluence of Light Emblems and 5 Exclusive Heart Emblems. You can Enter the Giveaway Below! Note: Codes have been Sent to …

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Players Can Now Earn Eververse Currency in Destiny 2!


If you’re a Destiny player, you may know about Tess Everis from Eververse Trading Company. EVC is basically an in-game store that introduced a micro-transaction system to Destiny players. Players can obtain new cosmetic items including Emotes, Shaders, Ships and Sparrows depending on the recent Live events added into the …

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