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Destiny 2 Launch

Destiny 2 Issues: List of Issues Bungie Should be Taking Care Of!

So, basically Bungie released every major update for Destiny 2 recently. That includes Trials of the Nine, Raid, Prestige Raid, Iron Banner and Faction Rally. As we all know, Bungie did confirm that Iron Banner and Faction Rally will be back once again in Season 1.

Destiny 2’s player base has dropped by 1/2 Million Players since Launch according to Destiny Tracker. This is mainly because of the same reason we had in Destiny 1. No content. At the launch of Destiny 2, there were so many things to do like Flashpoints, Lost Sectors, and Milestones etc. But the game progressed, it just seem that we are doing the same things over and over again for nothing. Destiny 2 is releasing on PC in 2 days on October 24, 2017. Bungie revealed next month’s calendar for PC community as you can see below:

Destiny 2

Main issue here is the End-game content. Bungie really didn’t work on this aspect of the game as they did in Destiny 1. Following are some of the things that are currently need Bungie’s attention:


Bungie is adding way more cosmetics in the game than ever. We didn’t say that we don’t need them but they do need to introduce new weapons and more Exotics (exotic quests) in the game. Recently at TwitchCon, all we had were Emotes, Ships, Shaders, and Sparrows. There was no mention of new Exotic weapon or quest in Season 1 or in Season 2. We do know that there will be more Exotics coming in future, but now is the right time to add them into the game as next DLC is coming in December (2 months from now).

Vendor Level-up System

If we take a look at Destiny 1’s level-up system, it was a lot better than what we now have in Destiny 2. Token system can also be improved if Bungie make significant changes to it. What we are getting now are random drops after each level-up.

First of all, Bungie should add number of Levels we have ranked up. Secondly, they should add an Exotic quest like we had in Destiny 1 after reaching a specific Level (example: 40 or 50). Here’s a concept art from a Reddit user Tiredness and he describes it perfectly. Take a look:

Destiny 2
Credits: u/tiredness

End-game Content

As we all know, Bungie really didn’t work on the end-game in Destiny 2. Releasing Prestige Raid that’s the main part of Destiny’s PvE without increasing Power Level capacity is just absurd. Content in Destiny 2 is legitimately dry. We don’t have anything to do besides doing Raid every week, redoing those Milestones for nothing.

At least, if Bungie could’ve increased the PL with the release of Prestige Raid, that would’ve solved this problem as well. Now, we just have to wait for Challenge Modes to drop if we’re looking to do anything new in the game.


Recently, Bungie gave us a little more information about Seasons at TwitchCon. We got really cool-looking gear, new ships, sparrows and Ghosts etc. But, that’s now what we want (well, at least for some of us). We need more Events like Iron Banner with new Weapons and Armor (not re-skinned ones).

There was no mention of SRL (Sparrow Racing League) returning to Destiny 2 that is a major flaw. SRL has always been one of the most engaging events in Destiny 1. Bungie should add SRL as a monthly event in Destiny 2 just like Iron Banner.

Destiny 2

Clarion Call was a plus. Adding Double XP is amazing and would help in many ways. Leveling up with Clarion Call event would help players to get more Bright Engrams faster that will get them more cosmetic items without spending Actual money in-game.


In Destiny 1, when Bungie firstly introduced Festival of the Lost (Year 2) that is a Halloween-themed event, it was really enjoyed by the players. But in Year 3 of D1, after Bungie introduced Eververse and Loot Boxes, Festival of the Lost (Year 3) was just about buying Loot Boxes (if you want to get those cool-looking masks and stuff). Bungie didn’t release any word on Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2 as well.

So folks, these are some of the things that should be brought to Bungie’s attention. If you feel these changes should be made into Destiny 2, be sure to spread this for more exposure.


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