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New ‘Baby Dog’ Easter egg found in PlayStation Exclusive Strike and its Hilarious!

Destiny 2 was released on September 6, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users. Though, PC players will get their hands on this title on October 24, 2017. Later this month, we will compete in Destiny 2’s first ever Iron Banner. Bungie didn’t announce any specific date for its arrival though! We will hear from them in near future as they’ll be releasing the Prestige version of Destiny 2’s first Raid Leviathan this month as well.

PlayStation Exclusives

If you don’t know, exclusive content for Destiny 1 is now available for Xbox users after 3 years (Yay!). PlayStation still has exclusivity for Destiny 2 that includes an exclusive Strike called Lake of Shadows, Ship City Apex, an exclusive exotic sniper rifle Borealis and a PvP map called Retribution. In total, PS4 users get 4 exclusives but Bungie confirmed that these contents are timed exclusive and will be available on Xbox in 2018.

Recently, in PlayStation exclusive Strike Lake of Shadows, there’s a strange and rather funny Easter Egg this player found while playing. In this Easter egg, there’s a delightful exchange Commander Zavala (Lance Reddick) and Deverim Kay (Gideon Emery). Due to a technical issue, the operation in this strike was named Baby Dog. Yes, you’ve heard that right!

You can see that the actor who plays Deverim Kay just loses it and cracks up! According to sr. writer at Bungie Mallozee, the trigger rate for this Easter egg is very low.

Baby Dog
Credits: Mallozee

Keep in mind that there are other Easter eggs like this in Destiny 2 as well. Another writer at Bungie Guillaume Colomb said:

Baby Dog
Credits: Guillaume Colomb

So, there we have it! Operation Baby dog. What more can you expect from this title. Really amazing work and we hope to find all these funny Easter eggs in Destiny 2! Watch the video below:

Source: Twitter

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