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Destiny 2: There’s a Cheese for this Week’s Nightfall, here’s How you can Do it!

Destiny 2’s activities reset every Tuesday at 2AM Pacific. Each week, there’s a rotation of activities that will grant you loot by completing them. Such as, by completing a weekly featured Nightfall, players can get some Weapons, Armor and Faction Tokens as well.

This week’s featured Nightfall Strike is called Savathûn’s Song where you need to kill Savathûn that’s a Giant Shrieker. This nightfall is on Titan (one of the planets in Destiny 2). As we all know, this week’s Nightfall has Anomalies active. So, players need to get as many anomalies as they can to increase the Time limit.


There’s potential cheese player found in this Nightfall Savathûn’s Song where you can take out the anomalies and circle around to that area again and anomalies will be again spawned. This way, players can complete this Nightfall pretty easily. If you haven’t done the quest-line for Rat King Exotic Sidearm, here’s your chance for doing it this week!

How to do

  • You need to come across this area called Arboretum. Keep moving forward and you’ll get to another area called Solarium.
  • There are a total of 4 anomalies found in this area that can get you 2 minutes of increased time to complete your Nightfall.
  • After taking out these anomalies, simply go back to where you came until you’ve reached Arboretum.
  • Once you’re there, go back and those anomalies will spawn again. You can repeat this process until you’ve reached time cap and then you can go kill the Boss.

Destiny 2’s first expansion The Curse of Osiris will release in December. There are some rumors that Arena (Prison or Elders, Archon Forge like activity) will be making a return in Destiny 2. But who knows, maybe it’s just a rumor. We did have a monthly event coming soon and that’s Iron Banner.

Bungie has already announced that first Iron Banner for Destiny 2 will go Live in October along with Prestige Raid. If you haven’t already completed the Leviathan Raid, we recommend you do it right now as Prestige Raid will be getting released soon!

Here’s a video demonstration of this player doing this cheese. If you have any questions about this, make sure you ask in comments below!

Source: YouTube

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