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Faction Rally
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Here’s When Bungie will be Announcing Winner Faction for Last Week’s Faction Rally!

Destiny Factions

Factions have always been an important part of Destiny universe when it comes to great untold secrets and obviously new Loot. There were several ways to level up your faction in Destiny 1. Like players could level up their factions by turning in Motes of Light, Ammo Synthesis etc. But as we all know, Motes of Light are now gone along with Ammo Synthesis in Destiny 2.

Leveling Up your Faction

In order to Level up your faction in Destiny 2, one must farm Faction Tokens throughout the Solar System (EDZ, Nessus, Io, and Titan) by doing Lost Sectors, Strikes and other activities as well. Lost Sectors is the only thing from where you can acquire faction tokens.

When doing Lost Sectors, you will come across explosive crates that you’ll have to destroy in order to get faction tokens. There are usually three crates in a Lost Sector. In some cases, up to six crates are found.

Faction Weapons, Armor and Shaders

There are faction exclusive Weapons, Armor and Shaders. So, if you’ve pledged your loyalty to New Monarchy, you’ll get stuff what New Monarchy offers and won’t be able to get other factions’ reward.


Bungie also announced that at the end of this Faction Rally, there’ll be a winner. Players will be able to get featured weapon from their Faction for just 1000 Glimmers which for losing factions is 50,000 Glimmers. So, we can see the difference here.

Destiny 2’s first Faction Rally went Live last week on September 26, 2017 and ended on this weekly reset. There’s server maintenance today for Destiny 2 starting from 8AM Pacific to 12PM Pacific on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Bungie said that they will announce the winner for this Faction Rally after the maintenance is done that is at 12PM Pacific. From last week’s TWAB:

We will announce the winner on Tuesday, October 3, as soon as the scheduled downtime to deploy Hotfix ends.

Which Faction did you chose? Let us know in comments below!

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