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Destiny 2: This Player has Soloed Nightfall Featured In This Week’s Reset!

This week’s featured Nightfall in Destiny 2 is The Arms Dealer. New challenges in Nightfall has been introduced in Destiny 2. For Nightfall, there’s a time-limit of 10 minutes for the completion. So, you must complete Nightfall within 10 minutes — else your mission will be failed and you’ll have to start from the very beginning.

As most of us are struggling through this Nightfall challenge — This player has already beaten it all by himself (no Fireteam/solo). This probably isn’t the first attempt in soloing this Nightfall.

He is at Power Level 295 and is a Titan Striker (Code of the Earthshaker). The weapons he is using in this Nightfall strike are; Nameless Midnight  (Legendary Scout Rifle), Skyburner’s Oath (Exotic Scout Rifle), Curtain Call (Legendary Rocket Launcher).

Soloed Nightfall

If you haven’t already completed the quest-line for Rat King (Exotic Hand Cannon), then you should do it as Nightfall is the last step for this quest. But there’s a twist. For this last step, you need to complete weekly featured Nightfall with 5 minutes remaining on the timer which is even more challenging.

Here’s what Esoterickk has to say about his attempt:

Turned out to be a pretty decent challenge actually! The hardest part by far was the end of the boss fight. I didn’t feel like kiting the boss around at the end would be the best method, as the Psions that spawn could melt you being chased around in combo with everything else.

The only thing that matters is your Power Level (and some weapons as well). If you’re going for this challenge, make sure your Power Level is 290+. He has completed this challenge in 20 minutes. You can checkout his full gameplay below:

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