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Destiny 2 Raid: New Leak Reveals Us Controlling Our Ship, Cutscenes and More..

There were a lot of Leaks spoiling content before Destiny 2’s release. We almost get to see every Exotic in  the game. Every activity and Story missions as well. It’s that time once again. As we know, first Destiny 2 Raid will be dropping next week. We don’t know anything about it till now.

There could be a false rumor as there’s no legit source for this leak. A Reddit user posted a lot of new stuff that’s included in Destiny 2’s first Raid called The Leviathan. We do know that it takes place on that Giant Catfish. But we don’t know the Final Boss or anything.

Possible Spoilers ahead. Since there’s no confirmation if this leak is legit or not, there’s still some new ideas that can be considered as spoiler!

Destiny 2 Raid
By big-beetle

In his post he mentioned these points:

  • The Leviathan is both a Ship ANDa living creature in the Raid.
  • There is a (ship) flying portion in the Raid.
  • The Raid starts on Earth, and transitions to Outer Space.
  • It’s the most technical of any Raid so far.
  • The music is epic.
  • There is a “mini horde mode” during one of the Boss fights.
  • There is a brand new visual effect introduced in the Raid.
  • The Raid weapons/armor are insane, and look to be the best set thus far.
  • The Nine are directly referenced multiple times in the Raid.
  • There is a “Labyrinth of the Consul” puzzle.

He also goes:

He said one of the bosses you defeat, decides to blow up that entire section of the Leviathan, taking you out with it. Ghost summons your respective ships, and an on-rails escape sequence starts. So apparently, there are now cut-scenes in the Raid.

The way he described it, looks legit but who knows, maybe it’s just a rumor. But if it’s true, this Raid would be THE best one we’ve ever encountered in Destiny Universe.


Just think about the cut-scenes and controlling your own Ship. At the final point, there’s a puzzle called Labyrinth of the Consul that Consul is still alive and we’ll be facing him in this Raid.

Note: Everything mentioned above is not confirmed with a legit source. Just consider it as a rumor for the time being until we get the official release.

What do you think about this? Let us know in comments!

Source: Reddit

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