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Destiny 2: Xur Won’t be Making an Appearance This Week!

Xur: Agent of the Nine is the Santa Claus of Destiny who brings gifts (Exotics) every weekend. In Destiny: 1, Xur played an important role in getting all of the exotics because sometimes RNGessus is just not on your side. Good news is that, Xur will be returning in Destiny: 2. And will be bringing some sweet Loot with him.

In, TWAB (This Week At Bungie), Bungie revealed the schedule of Destiny: 2 for this month (September). As we already know, Destiny 2′ first Raid will be going Live next week at September 13. Trials will also be Live next week on September 15.

Guided Games is a big step Bungie has taken within Destiny. Giving solo players a chance to hook-up with a team that’ll help both sides as well. It’s kind of like an LFG system but officially released by Bungie and available in-game itself. There will be a Beta for Guided Games in Destiny: 2 starting from  September 26th, 10AM.

As for Xur, he won’t be available this week. Bungie revealed that Xur will be making weekly appearances in Destiny 2 starting from next week (Friday, September 15). Take a look at next week’s schedule:

So, there we have it! As we know, there will be no strange coins in Destiny: 2 and Xur you will be purchasing Exotics by Legendary Shards. So, here’s how you can farm them!

Source: Bungie


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