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Prestige Mode Raid

Destiny 2: Iron Banner, Prestige Mode Raid Revealed!

Iron Banner is one of the best Destiny’s competitive events. In Destiny: 1, Iron Banner was scheduled every month. Each month, it had new weapons/armor for every class that includes Titans, Hunters and Warlocks. In Destiny 2 Reveal trailer, we did had a sneak peak of a Hunter wearing an Iron Banner Chest piece which lead to the confirmation of Iron Banner in Destiny: 2.

In TWAB, along with the weekly reset schedule of Destiny: 2 for this month, they also revealed the return of Iron Banner. Here what it says:

In October, new challenges will continue to arrive, including Iron Banner and new ways to have your prestige tested in the Raid. We’ll tell you more about what awaits you every step of the way.

As we can see, Iron Banner will be back next month (October). Though, Bungie didn’t revealed an exact date for this event. We will get more updates on this in coming weeks!

We can also see that Prestige Mode for Destiny 2’s Raid called ‘The Leviathan’ will also be going Live in October. So, October will definitely be a month of Loot! Stay Tuned for more Updates coming this week!

Source: Bungie

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