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Exotic Emotes

Destiny 2: Take a Loot at New Exotic Emotes, Ships and Sparrows!

Destiny: 1 was missing a lot of things that players wanted it to have. Some of the things that were highly requested were Exotic Sparrows, Ghosts, Emotes etc. Well, Bungie did listened to Destiny Community.

Spoilers Ahead! If you don’t want to get spoiled before the official release of Destiny 2 in your region, we suggest you click away right know. You’ve been warned!

Bungie added everything in Destiny 2 that was requested by the players in Destiny 1. And one of those things are Exotics. Not just Exotics weapons/armor but Exotic Emotes, Sparrows, Ships etc. Yes, you heard right! It’s finally making an appearance in the game. And we have to say, these exotics look gorgeous and completely different than the Legendary/Rare ones.

First, let’s talk about Tess Everis. Recently, we did have some details that revealed Tess Everis will now accepts a new type of currency called ‘Bright Dust’ which can be acquired by dismantling items decrypted from Bright Engrams. And then, you can use this currency to buy cosmetics from Tess Everis.

You will be able to earn Bright Engrams through gameplay when you’ve reached Level 20. After that, each time you level up, you’ll earn a Bright Engram that will be decrypted by Tess Everis not Cryptarch — and those decrypted Bright Engrams will reward you with sweet Exotic Sparrows, Emotes and Ships! Also, these Exotics can only be acquired from Tess Everis. (No quests required)

Exotic Sparrows

There are a total of 3 Exotic Sparrows available at this time. And these are Vanishing Point. Dinas Emrys, Hastilude.

Exotic Ships

There are total of 6 Exotic Ships available at Tess Everis. You can take a look at some of them below:

Exotic Emotes

There are 4 Exotic Emotes that are like those Holographic Emotes leaked a while back. These emotes includes called Salty (Saltbae), Flip Out (Flips a holographic table), Spicy Ramen and final one is Six Shotter.

Exotic Ornaments are also returning in Destiny 2. These are some of the new features added into Destiny 2. You can experience all of these new stuff yourself once D2 goes Live in next 6 hours.

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