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Destiny 2: New Max Power Level Revealed!

Destiny 2 is now LIVE in some regions like New Zealand, Australia etc. Players are more than excited to play this next installment to the series. We have had bunch of leaks for Destiny 2 in past couple of days that revealed new Eoxtics, Returning Exotics from Destiny 1 and Power Level Cap. Destiny 2 will be released Worldwide at midnight on September 6! Check this list if you’re troubling with the launch time for Destiny 2!

Possible Spoilers ahead! If you don’t want to get spoiled before the official release of Destiny 2 in your region, we suggest you click away now!

In the recent leaks, we did saw Power Level to be at 300 Cap. We saw there was a note that was titled ‘A Climb to Power Level 300’. But IGN just revealed Max Power Level Cap for Destiny 2 at launch. They said:

While it’ll help get you to Light level 250 (which is where we capped out during our time with the preview build), climbing to max of 350 is going to require whatever lies beyond the campaign.

Hard Mode Raid

So, there we have it. Max Power Level for Destiny 2 that is 350. As they mentioned, we can get to PL 250 easily by playing campaign, story missions etc. But to get to PL 350, we need to complete as many activities as we can including weekly Milestones, Raids. Bungie finally added an Eververse Specific currency in Destiny 2 that can ben earned by playing through the game. Here’s how can you acquire that in-game.

We do know that there will be a total of 80+ PvE Activities in Destiny 2, but we also got our first look at total number of PvE activities on every planet. If you have any question regarding Destiny or Destiny 2, feel free to ask!

Source: IGN

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