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PvE Activities

Destiny 2: Here’s Total Number of PvE Activities on Every Planet!

Destiny 2 is closer than ever. We are only 2 days away from the release on consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One). At Launch, there are some features that won’t be making an appearance in the game for some time. Guided Games is one of them.

Guided Games is like an in-game LFG system Bungie added into Destiny 2. This way, if you’re in short of player for doing raid — you can find a solo player through Guided Games and eventually will help him/her completing that activity as well. We now know the name of Destiny 2’s first Expansion. Trials (Trials of the Nine) will be back next week on September 15. And as for Destiny 2’s first Raid, Bungie revealed its release date as well. The Leviathan will launch on September 13 that is next Wednesday.

As we all know, there as an leak on Reddit that revealed almost every detail about the game. We know every Exotic weapons and armor that’s in the game (excluding hidden exotics with quests if there are any). Though, Bungie already revealed the total number of PvE activities we are going to get in Destiny 2 as well as number of cut-scenes.

PvE Activities

But this time, we are here to learn about PvE Activities on each Planet (EDZ, Titan, Io, Nessus). Below is the table that includes that leaked information about PvE activities on every planet:

PlanetsAdventuresLost SectorsPublic EventsScannable Objects
Nessus 753337
Io 531528
Titan 53823
EDZ 13163541
Total 302791129

So, there we have it! If you’re thinking about Flashpoints not being mentioned above; basically, Flashpoints are weekly missions like Nightfalls/story missions that will reset every week. So, that is why they are not added into above list.

Bungie also revealed that in Destiny 2 — there will be a heroic version of Public Event as well. If heroic versions are completely different than the normal versions, these would definitely increase the total number of Public Events in-game.

About that Virgin Media exclusive Sparrow called ‘Athena Victorious‘ – players will be able to obtain it through gameplay after launch. Click here for more details.

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