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Players Can Now Earn Eververse Currency in Destiny 2!

If you’re a Destiny player, you may know about Tess Everis from Eververse Trading Company. EVC is basically an in-game store that introduced a micro-transaction system to Destiny players. Players can obtain new cosmetic items including Emotes, Shaders, Ships and Sparrows depending on the recent Live events added into the game.

Eververse Trading Company was added into Destiny on October 13, 2015 after the release of Destiny’s third expansion The Taken King — that come with King’s Fall (Raid). This in-game store has a currency called ‘Silver’ which you can only purchase from PlayStation Store. There were several packages for the Silver in PS Store.

Players weren’t much happy about micro-transaction being added into the game. And after the release of Destiny 2, many players assumed that — as the Tower is destroyed, Eververse would now be gone. But it seems Bungie resurrected Tess Everis from the dead.

Hard Mode Raid

Spoilers ahead. If you don’t want to get spoiled before the official release of Destiny 2, we suggest you click away right now. You’ve been warned!

As we all know, Eververse is back in Destiny 2. In a recent Leak by namasuki, it seems Eververse now accepts a new currency called ‘Bright Dust’. Though, Silver is still in the game and players can purchase it from Store. Bright Dust can be obtained by dismantling items acquired through Bright Engrams. Here’s what it says:

Currency: Bright Dust – Obtained by dismantling items acquired via Bright engrams. Bright Dust is an Eververse-specific currency.

So, there we have it! Now, we have an absolute plus here and Bungie did a great job adding this feature into Destiny 2. You can earn as many Bright Engrams as you want by leveling up that eventually help you  earn Eververse currency. Checkout the full post here.

Destiny 2 is Launching September 6 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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