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Destiny 2: New Name for Light Level – Max Light Level Revealed!

Light Level has always been a main concern in Destiny. Everything is linked with Light Level. You can’t get specific weapons if you’re not at certain Light Level. Same goes with Missions, Strikes or Nightfall. Well, that’s what we have in Destiny 1.

If we talk about Destiny 2, Light Level now has a new Name. Since our Ghaul has taken our Light and taken over The Last City. We now have to fight to take back our home from Red Legion.

Major Spoilers! If you don’t want to get spoiled before the official release of the game, we suggest you to click away right now. You’ve been warned.

So this Reddit user namasuki has Leaked a Strategy Guide for Destiny 2 that contained almost every bits of content available in Destiny. In Destiny 2, Light Level has been changed to Power Level. This leak also revealed the Max Power Level for Destiny 2 at launch and it’s 300! Take a look below:


The Climb to Power Level 300! There we have it — Max Power Level for Destiny 2. There’s new details about Eververse Currency as well and how you can earn it in-game. Learn more about it here.

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