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Second DLC

Possible Spoilers: Destiny 2’s Second DLC Leaked!

Destiny 2 is out next week on September 6, 2017. And we recently got the Name for Destiny 2’s first DLC Osiris. But if we talk about second DLC for Destiny 2, it mainly focuses on Rasputin ‘The AI Warmind‘. We didn’t got much information or the back-story about the Rasputin in Destiny 1.

Major Spoiler Ahead! (If this leak is legit)

A reddit user just leaked some information for Destiny 2’s second DLC and it’s called The Tyrant’s Crypt. Here’s what he had written in his post:

“Destiny 2’s second DLC coming with the expansion pass, the one with the Warmind symbol, will be called “The Tyrant’s Crypt”. It will be around the same size as the first DLC, but a little bit larger.

The description is as follows, “With the Speaker’s heresy revealed and the threat of a Second Faction War looming over the few surviving Humans, Lord Saladin has found a way to prevent the coming of a second Dark Age, but it has a price. Go to the Manhattan Nuclear Zone, find the Warmind Caedmon, and steal from him the truth about what really caused the Collapse.”

A couple of more notable additions it will include: New Zone- Manhattan Nuclear Zone Addition to Io Patrol- Asimov Test Site New Enemy Type- Boyar 4 New Strikes 4 New Crucible Maps 2 New Crucible Modes 1 New Raid 1 New Arena Activity- Charlemagne’s Labyrinth (Co-op/pvp up to 4 players in a fireteam) New Lost Sectors, Adventures, Quests, Gear, etc.

Boyar- The Boyar are a collective of the Warminds’ defenses. They include the Splicer Fallen, SIVA, Frames, and Vitrel (fluid metal given shape by a floating electromagnet).

Destiny 2

MNZ- The Manhattan Nuclear Zone is both the smallest and largest patrol in Destiny 2. The remnants of Manhattan island after global flooding and a nuclear disaster, it is by definition the smallest patrol in Destiny 2, however the lumbering skyscrapers and deep underground caverns give it more square footage than any patrol in Destiny 2 yet. It is the home to the dead Warmind, Caedmon.

Asimov Test Site- This is an addition to the current Io Patrol for those who partake in the story of The Tyrant’s Crypt. It is sizable, however Io will still remain smaller than EDZ. The site of extensive weapons testing by the Warmind Charlemagne, it is an inhospitable wasteland with more than its fair share of dangers, the very least of which are the Boyar.

Charlemagne’s Labyrinth- A 4 player arena, it takes place underneath the Asimov Test Site on Io and is Charlemagne’s weapons research facility. You descend into the labyrinth and the Warmind Charlemagne sets you through many challenges, including both cooperative and pvp (sometimes both) in a sprawling maze of Golden Age Facilities that constantly change and do everything in their power to kill you.”

Though, the main thing here is that, no source was mentioned. So, there’s a possible reason for it to be fake. But if we take a look back, there was a leak that contained everything (Trials of the Nine, PvP modes etc) before Bungie revealed Destiny 2 on E3 2017. But we have to say, it’s really well-written and in a believable manner.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in comments below!

Source: Reddit

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