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Destiny 2: Here’s How You Can Get Legendary Shards for Buying Exotics from Xur!

Back when Destiny was released in 2014, Xur: Agent of the Nine was considered the Santa Claus of Destiny who comes every weekend. The only excitement on his arrival were to sweet-sweet Exotic Weapons and Armor for Hunter, Titan and Warlock. But getting those Exotics were surely a pain. In Destiny 1, Xur accepts a special type of currency unlike Glimmer that’s called ‘Strange Coins’ and it’s the currency of the Nine. Only with Strange Coins, players get to buy those exotics from him. But back in those days, farming strange coins were really hard. Only a few players were able to buy stuff from him on his first arrival.

And shortly after that, Xur sold a famous Exotic Rocket Launcher called ‘Gjallarhorn’. Strange Coins can be farmed by completing several activities like PvP matches, Missions, decrypting engrams, leveling up your factions and many more. There a two mystery characters that we don’t know much about — Xur: Agent of the Nine and Disciple of Osiris: Brother Vance.  Though, we are getting an Osiris DLC this December.

But, if we talk about Destiny 2, we know Xur is back! And will also bring those new Exotics every week. But the main thing is that we didn’t see Strange Coins mentioned in Destiny 2. Though, there were two meterials/currencies that we were able to find — are ‘Strange Dust’ and ‘Legendary Shards’. Now, we do know that one can get Exotic Shards if one dismantles their Exotic. For Xur, he now accepts Legendary Shards for exchange. Yes, you heard right! No more Strange Coins.


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How to Obtain Legendary Shards

You can’t get Legendary Shards by just farming in front of a loot cave (RIP) or by just killing enemies. Instead, there are some other ways you can earn them:

  • Weekly Nightfall
  • Flashpoints
  • Planetary Chests
  • Lost Sector Chests (After defeating its final Boss)
  • Raid Boss encounters
  • Hidden Raid Chests
  • Heroic Strike Bosses
  • Dismantling Legendary Weapons (x3) and Armor (x3)
  • Dismantling Exotic Weapons (x5) and Armor (x5)

Keep in mind that only Legendary and Exotic Weapons/Armor will dismantle for Legendary Shards. That means those rare/common weapons and armors are of no use in this farm. As mentioned above, Dismantling a Legendary Weapon/Armor will get you x2 Shards while dismantling an Exotic will get you x10 shards.

Destiny 2

There’s an easier way of farming Legendary Shards. And to do so, you must reach max level in-game. After that, Legendary gear will drop more often and will eventually help you getting those shards.

Xur Locations

Xur is no longer uses those two social spaces like in Destiny 1. He now travels around every space including EDZ, Titan, Io and Nessus. Xur will be arriving in Destiny 2 on same schedule on Friday at 2 AM (US time-zone). Though, the best way to find Xur is to follow the crowd — this is by far the most easiest method of finding him.

Destiny 2 will be launching September 6, 2017 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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