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Outbreak Prime

This Player Has Made a Replica for Outbreak Prime and It’s Just Gorgeous!

Destiny has always been one of those communities that not just only love the Loot in-game but in real life as well. In the past year, we had several Destiny enthusiasts who made jaw-dropping materials. Recently, there was a player who is also a die-hard Destiny fan — created a whole expansion with everything included. And by everything, we mean Guns, Environments, New type of enemies (Most coolest part) and Raid as well. You can check this more about it here.

If we talk about Destiny weapons, there are some really cool looking weapons in Destiny. Such as Touch of Malice. This weapon is unique and differs to almost every weapon we have in the game at this moment. More weapons like Red Death, Gjallarhorn, Icebreaker, Hawkmoon, The Last Word, Zhalo Supercell and many more. There are probably many other weapons that are just as cool-looking as the ones mentioned above.

Rise of Iron was released last year as the Last DLC for Destiny: 1. It also featured a brand new Raid called “Wrath of the Machine”  in which we have to defeat Aksis Archon Prime. But before that, there’s a quest for a Pulse Rifle called ‘Outbreak Prime’. This weapon is really hard to get and has very complex mechanics. Well, guess what? There’s a player who 3D printed Outbreak Prime and it just looks Gorgeous.

This player adriantanner has 3D-printed a Replica for ‘Ourbreak Prime’ Exotic Pulse Rifle. It is 33″ long and weighs almost 10 lbs. There are a total of 125 individual parts in this model. Take a look below:


We have to admit, these things does a lot of time and effort to make. And according to him, it took approximately 9 months to create this 3D model. Have you created anything (Replica) for any of the Destiny weapons before? If so, show us in comments!  What do you think about this? Let us know in comments below!

Source: Reddit

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