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Destiny 2: RIP Loot Cave, New Rewards for D1 Players and New Subclass Perks

WIRED just posted a video for Destiny Support with Luke Smith (Director at Bungie, Destiny 2). And he revealed pretty new stuff about Destiny 2. Basically, he was answering random questions players asked on twitter. Destiny 2 will be launching on September 6, 2017 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox (October 24 on PC). Destiny 2 PC Beta is now Live and tomorrow players can will have access to Destiny 2’s new Social Space The Farm for two hours starting from 5PM to 7PM Pacific. If you’ve played Destiny in it’s Y1 you may be familiar with the infamous Loot Cave. Well, we have some updates about it!

Hard Mode Raid

Here are some interesting answers Luke gave during the video:

1. RIP Loot Cave. Luke said

The game we shipped in 2014 and the game people wanted to play wasn’t rewarding enough. What we’d tried to do with Destiny and now Destiny 2 is make the game feel like pretty rewarding.

2. Bungie is planning something new for veteran D1 players in Destiny 2. Are these the emblems we will get who completed certain activities in Destiny 1? Luke said:

We have something we’re planning — we are not gonna talk about it. I’m not gonna spoil it here (twitter). But when the game comes out on Sept. 6th, you’ll find out yourself what I’m talking about.

3. Taken will have a proper role in the Red Legion conflict. On the other hand, Vex don’t have any relation to this main story. Though, we will find about Vex in patrol missions, Lost Sectors and Adventures.


4. Power Ammo now drops from every enemy that doesn’t have a normal red-health bar that includes majors (with yellow health bar).

5. Luke Smith confirmed that you can now change Damage type on non-Exotic Energy Weapons in Destiny 2.

6. Private Matches will be back at some point after the release of Destiny 2. He didn’t revealed any specific date saying it could be changed.

7. Hunter’s Golden Gun “Way of the Sharpshooter” can now do critical damage on precision kills means you can do more damage by shooting at the enemies head. He said:

And the next thing that it does is Each Precision hit creates orbs for your allies.

And with Warlock’s Voidwalker “Devour Path”, when you’re in this state and while in this state — activate Nova Bomb, it’ll move way faster.

Unlimited Dawnblade

8. “Dubious Volley” is now called “Wardiff Coil”

These are everything Luke Smith revealed in this video. You can check the whole video for more fun-facts below. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in comments!

Source: WIRED

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