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Hard Mode Raid

Destiny 2: Your Loadout will be Locked in Hard Mode Raid!

UPDATE: Luke Smith just confirmed that there will be ‘No Locked Loadout’ for Destiny 2 Raids. We, at this moment, have no idea what that ‘Midnight Coup’ is. But we will get more details about it in coming days!

Gamescom 2017 is happening right now in Germany — and many developers are showcasing their upcoming titles including Bungie. Players who are at Gamescom Live Event gets to try out Destiny 2 on PC at 4k 60 fps. As we already know, PC beta for Destiny 2 kicks off August 28 to 31st.

Today at Gamescom, Justin Truman (Gameplay Lead of Destiny 2) revealed some more information about Destiny 2 PvE activities. Though, we already know that some activities in Destiny 2 will feature new ‘Locked Loadout‘ system — including Strikes or Nightfall.

Justin Truman speaking with PCGamesN today and said:

“When the activity starts, your loadouts are restricted for the duration of that activity. An example is the Hard Mode Raid, where we wanna make it really about the tactical decision-making of: ‘what do I want to bring in to maximise my ability to play this strike with these modifiers on.’ You have to make those decisions up front, because we then lock your ability to change your loadout for the duration.”

This definitely changes everything. As this will make hard-mode raids even more challenging. You have to make a proper strategy for which weapons you are going to use — as they won’t be changing once the raid starts. We do know the total number of PvE activities in Destiny 2 as well as the number of cut-scenes. We will hear some more details later today. Stay Tuned to our Twitter!

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Source: PCGamesN, Twitter

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