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Destiny 2 Launch

Breakdown: Destiny 2 Launch Trailer and New PC in-game Chat system!

Bungie just released another jaw-dropping Destiny 2 Launch Trailer and its insane. There are less than 20 days left until the release of Destiny 2 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One — that is September 6, 2017. Players will get to experience brand new story-line, new cinematics and all-new weapons/armors. Destiny 2 PC Beta starting on August 28 to 31 will feature a new Control map as well. PC players will get their hands-on the game October 24, 2017.

Though, there is no official release date for its’ first raid at this moment. If we take a look back at Destiny: 1 release, Bungie released Vault of Glass a week later after the official release of Destiny: 1. So, they might do the same with Destiny: 2 as well. What do you think about this?

So, let’s talk about that new sick Launch Trailer for Destiny: 2. Here are every bit of pieces we can find in this trailer.

1. The Consul. Mentor of Dominus Ghaul. We just got our first look: (in the back with Red Armor)

Destiny 2 Launch Trailer

2. Speaker is ALIVE! But unfortunately, Ghaul has him. (sedlife)

Destiny 2 Launch Trailer

3, And then, there’s our all-time favorite NPC from Destiny — doing what he does best. (that is holding Ralph- The Chicken)

Destiny 2 Launch Trailer

4. We have to admit that Warlock Helmet does looks good!

Destiny 2 Launch Trailer

5. And once again, Cayde-6 making our day by asking if anyone needs free hugs. (Who is your favorite NPC in Destiny? Comment below!)

Destiny 2 Launch Trailer

6. Just some Guardians shooting down a Giant Vex Boss.

Destiny 2 Launch Trailer

7. One thing more, if you’ve listened closely, you might heard someone saying “No Hugs”. This voice is not Zavala’s nor Ikora’s. So, there is a possibility that we finally get to hear what our Guardian sounds like. Last time we heard was in The Reef.

Destiny 2 Launch Trailer

8. Destiny 2 PC will have an in-game chat system.

Destiny 2 Launch Trailer

Destiny 2 will also have 2 DLC expansions called ‘Osiris‘ and ‘Rasputin‘. We may have figured out the release date of Destiny 2’s first expansion ‘Osiris’ — click here to learn more. What do you think about this? Comment below your thoughts on Destiny 2 Launch Trailer. If you have any question regarding this article, feel free to ask! (Your feedback is always appreciated)

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