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[World Record] This Fireteam has Defeated Templar under 11 Seconds!

Destiny was released on September 9. 2014 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Legacy Consoles (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360). At the time of its release, there was not raid released for the game itself. But later on, Bungie released Destiny’s first ever Raid called Vault of Glass which was released on September 16,2014 (a week later after Destiny’s release).

Vault of Glass sets on Venus where Vex are in control. As you go throughout this raid, you’ll face two main bosses. First one is called The Templar and the Final Boss that is called Atheon. There are some really tricky jumping puzzles/mechanics that makes it even more interesting.

Players get some sweet sweet loot (weapons, armors) after defeating each boss. There are two fan-favorite weapons in this raid that are Fatebringer (Hand-canon) and Vision of Confluence (Scout Rifle). After the release of Destiny’s last event Age of Triumph, players get to play every raid released in Destiny including Vault of Glass on higher Light Level of 400 once again.


This player GShark and his Fireteam defeated Templar (1st Boss fight in Vault of Glass) under 11 seconds. According to them, this is a brand new strategy. The main difference is that, in this method you just spawn-kill it without being damaged. In order to defeat Templar using this strategy, you need:

No. of PlayersSubclassAbility/Armor
3 HuntersGunslingerCelestial Nighthawk
2 TitansSunbreaker & DefenderMelting Point Melee


  1. You need to generate Orbs of Light for the Relic Runner to charge his Super. So that he can take down Templar’s shield.
  2. 1 Titan pops up Weapons of Light right where Templar spawns (in the middle). After Templar’s shield is down, a Sunbreaker Titan melees the boss with his Melting Point ability equipped and repeat it after 4 seconds. And Hunters activates their Golden Gun with Celestial Nighthawk on Templar. Rest should just use ‘Found Verdict’ Shotgun (with Shotgun Reloader Gauntlets) and Gjallarhorn on the boss.

This way you can defeat Templar in about 11 seconds or less. This is currently the World’s Fastest attempt in defeating Templar.

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Source: Reddit

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