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[World Record] This Team has Defeated Warpriest under 6 Seconds!

Destiny was released on September 9,2014 worldwide. It was developed by Bungie and published by Activision. Destiny was originally released on legacy consoles that are PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. But after the release of PlayStation 4, players experienced Destiny with more immense environment, beautiful  sky-boxes and great story-telling. We still can’t stop looking at the view of Earth from the Moon when patrolling.

Later on, Bungie released Destiny’s expansion packs that were House of Wolves and The Dark Below. Sadly, HoW didn’t had any raid in it. After that, Bungie released the third expansion for Destiny King’s Fall that is by far the best  expansion released for Destiny. It has a really deep story-line, a bad-ass villain and a very fun/challenging Raid. We still enjoy defeating every boss in King’s Fall. After that, in 2016, Bungie released the final expansion for Destiny that was Rise of Iron. It was mainly focused on Iron Lords and SIVA crises.

Now, Destiny has finally come to an end. But players still making some sick records for the community. There’s a Wrath of the Machine World Record as well, click here to find out more.


So, this time, it’s another Fireteam who has defeated the first Boss encounter in King’s Fall raid which is Warpriest. They have defeated him under 6 seconds. Pretty challenging, right? Well, its not very difficult to do this challenge. These are the things you need to do this challenge:

  • Any Gauntlets with Shotgun Reloader
  • Shotguns like Found Verdict or Matador-64 with Final Round Perk
  • Two Golden Guns with Celestial Nighthawk Helmet.
  • Weapons of Light
  • Titan Melee Perk called Melting Point.

This has never been done under 6 seconds. While, Destiny is going through it’s final Iron Banner, players are still making some world records in raids, nightfalls and crucible as well. The final Trials of Osiris for Destiny: 1 will be live this week on August 11, 2017. This will be the last time players will get to experience Trials of Osiris in Destiny: 1.

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Source: Reddit

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