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[World Record] This Player has gone from 0 to 400 Light Level in under 11 Hours!

If you haven’t already know, Destiny players have been doing speed-runs for different Raids, Nightfall and quests. But this one is different. This player Sweatcicle has gone from 0LL to 400LL (maximum Light Level in Destiny) in just under 11 hours. This has never been done before. It’s definitely World’s first attempt to complete this challenge and fastest one as well.

Recently, there’s a Fireteam who had done 10 Million Damage on Aksis Archon Prime (Wrath of the Machine’s final boss) on its first teleport. If you haven’t already checked it out yet, we suggest you go check it out now!

Here’s what Sweatcicle has to say about his speed-run:

Run starts 7 hrs 30 mins before weekly reset. 2 hrs 30 mins to hit level 40, 30 mins to finish extra activities to have enough light to start Rise of Iron, 90 mins to go through all Rise of Iron content, 2 hrs for 5 raids before reset, and the remaining 1 hrs for extra time in case things are forgotten or we struggle on raids. Once reset hits, we can instantly return to the 4 raids to hopefully be able to finish off the remaining light to 400.

He did use Spark of Light that boosts you to Level 25 in-game giving you all the required loot to get you above 200 LL. Have you ever tried this in Destiny? If so, what’s your Personal Best?


The final Iron Banner just kicked off in Destiny yesterday. This would be the last time players will ever get to compete in Iron Banner (Iron Banana) in Destiny: 1. Same for the Trials of Osiris. Players will face the last Trials of Osiris reset starting from August 11, 2017 to August 15, 2017. Although, Iron Banner is almost confirmed in Destiny 2 as we found an Iron Banner Chest Piece in Destiny 2 gameplay trailer. But sadly, no news for Trials of Osiris.

Destiny 2 Early Access beta for PC will start on August 28-31. More details here. If you have any question regarding this article. Do take time and ask them in comments!

Source: Reddit

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  1. Trials has been confirmed actually but it will be called Trials Of The Nine instead

  2. I did my last character on my 2nd account in 7 hrs without using a spark of light! I only played the 1st mission play crucible til LL16 boosted by handing in completed crucible bounties while playing crucible matches played until I was able to to do ROI story line completed and infused gear to LL400 its not hard to do! I don’t expect to be worlds fastest but if you know what to do it isn’t hard at all.

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