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Today is your Last Chance to Complete AoT Record Book for Destiny 2 Rewards!

Destiny 1 has finally came to an end. Players will face their final stand in Iron Banner in Destiny: 1 tomorrow at 10 AM Pacific. After that, there won’t be any Iron Banner for Destiny: 1 (Bungie confirmed). Same for the Fan-Favorite PvP mode Trials of Osiris. Guardians will get to play Trials of Osiris for the last time in Destiny: 1 starting from August 11, 2017. Although, after Destiny: 2 release, Destiny: 1 will keep getting its weekly resets, Featured Raids, Nightfalls and Weekly Crucible Playlists. We hope Bungie did some events for Destiny: 1 after the release of D2 to get back to original game and to face all awesome moments player had spent in this great game again (What do you think? Let us know in comments)

Bungie released their April update titled Age of Triumph with came with the Record Book (Bungie ever worked on). It consisted on 13 pages for every activity including PvP, PvE and Trials of Osiris etc. Lately, Bungie alerted all the Destiny Community to complete their Age of Triumph Record Book before August 1,2017 as they will be carrying over all the player records to Destiny: 2.

Record Book

For that, today is the final day to complete your Age of Triumph Record Book and reach Rank 7 to get that sweet T-shirt with your gamer-tag on it. It doesn’t mean that after 1st August, you won’t be able to complete the record book. You can complete it. But you won’t be getting your emblem rewards in Destiny: 2 for Age of Triumph book completion (2 emblems) nor the Age of Triumph T-shirt for reaching Rank 7.

PlayStation revealed their Official Destiny; 2 Dual-shock 4 controller for PS4. It looks a bit underwhelming seeing only those three stickers on a white DS4 honestly. But still, it’s Official controller for PS4. We hope PlayStation releases more D2 themed controllers in future.

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Source: Bungie, PlayStation

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  1. How about since Destiny 1 iron banner and trials of osiris games are over, they should give us daybreak in raids and also let us wear all exotic armor and weapons in PvE games since there will be nothing to do on Destiny 1 anymore!

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