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This Team has Defeated Aksis by doing 10 Million Damage on First Teleport

As we all know, Destiny: 1 is at its end. But there are some die hard Destiny fans who still enter the pits like it was their first time. Destiny never fails to amaze us and so as it’s community. Destiny: 1’s final expansion ‘Rise of Iron‘ dropped on September 20, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. it comes with the raid ‘Wrath of the Machine’ where players get to encounter SIVA lord ‘Aksis Archon Prime‘.

There have been many challenges for Destiny raids. From ‘Fastest Completion’ to ‘Most Damage Done in Minimum Time‘. Well this time, we are here with a group of players who have defeated Wrath of the Machine’s Final boss ‘Aksis Archon Prime’ (hard mode) by doing 10 Million damage under 25 seconds in One Teleport. This has never been done before on at least hard mode.

You’ve been wondering, what Setup they used to do this challenge. Well, we’ve got you covered. Following is everything you need to get this challenge done!

Sunsinger WarlockSong of Flame, Double Fusion Grenades with Viking Funeral/Touch of Flame. Full auto Shotgun (Example: The 4th Horseman) and a Cluster Rocket Launcher (Example: Gjallarhorn)
Sunbreaker TitanAs said, Sunbreaker Titans will mainly used for Melting Points. When Aksis teleport, he applies Melting Point and fires his auto-shotgun and re-applies Melting Point when getting back.
Defender TitanDefender Titan is mainly used for Weapons of Light for the others.


According to Gladd, remaining three players should be Sunbreaker Titans. He says:

Simmering Flames reducing the grenade cool-downs. Song of Flame stacking with Simmering Flames to reduce cool-downs drastically. Thermite grenades. These grenades do INSANE damage to Aksis, even more than a fully charged cannon shot.

All the damage was done on Aksis’ first teleport. They did a total of 11,741,830 damage on Aksis. Destiny 2 is around the corner. We will see what Bungie has been working on! You can do this challenge as well with your team. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in comments! If you have any questions regarding this article, feel free to ask!

Source: Reddit

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