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Destiny 2 Pre-order Bonuses – Everything You Need to Know!

While we thought that the list of IGN First coverage was fun to watch, we have been given a new reason to be excited for Destiny 2. This time it appears to be an update to the list of Pre-order bonuses. While previously the only pre-order bonus we knew of was early access to the beta, we have more to look forward to.

Bungie will be giving players two in-game items for pre-ordering any edition: Kill-tracker Ghost Shell and the Exotic Trace Rifle, Coldheart.

As the name suggests the Ghost Shell will track all your kills. Whether you need to have it equipped for this is unknown but it sure seems to be a nice in-game feature. However, why it needs to be exclusive to pre-order is a big question mark but I am happy that they are implementing it in the game in some way at least.

As for Coldheart, not much is known at this point except that it is a new weapon type, trace rifle, that will go into the Power Ammo slot. It fires a beam that needs to be concentrated on the target. The exotic perk is that the damage dealt increases as long as it is held there.

Keep in mind, you’ll also get a Legendary Sword, Legendary Player Emote, Cabal Empire Themed Emblem for pre-ordering Destiny 2 Digital Deluxe Edition. Here is the IGN video covering the weapon.

Source: Bungie, IGN

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  1. How sure are you that the kill tracker ghost comes with any preorder? From what I’ve seen it’s only available with preorders from specific retailers.

    • Hi Craig. If you pre-ordered Destiny 2 digitally (from PS Store or Xbox Store), you’ll automatically registered for the pre-order bonus. Though, if you pre-order from an online retailer, it will be according to their bonuses. Some have Kill-tracker Ghost while others have Salute Emotes. So, its your luck if you’re planing to pre-order a physical copy of Destiny 2!

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