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Introducing New Survival PvP Mode and New Mercury Map in Destiny 2

We just got our first look at another Competitive PvP game-mode called ‘Survival’. This is somewhat just like Skirmish from Destiny 1, but the main difference is that each team will now have a limit number of lives, 8 lives in specific. So, if you get killed, your life will be deducted from your total number of your team’s lives (which will be 7). This is a competitive game-mode. First team to wipe out the other team first will win that round.


Survival Competitive mode and New PvP Map:

Players will also get Power Ammo in the middle of the map. Every Team will switch sides after each round as well. Another good news is that, we are getting a Mercury Map which is actually Osiris themed place. You can see all those candles Brother Vance used to have on The Reef. Here’s full video explaining in-depth survival mode:

What are your thoughts on this? This is definitely new thing we will get to experience in Destiny 2. Let us know in comments!

Source: IGN’s Fireteam Chat

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