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A Lot of New Information About Lost Sectors, Flashpoints & Failsafe!

As Destiny 2 beta extended yesterday, Bungie has announced that they will be testing their servers a bit more. Also, players may experience some bugs/kicking from the orbit. Destiny 2 Beta will end on July 25 at 6 PM Pacific. Today, IGN has  just released a LOT of information about exploring Nessus, Public Events, Lost Sectors, Adventures and Flashpoints. Here is every bit of information piled up for you!

Public Events:

As we all know, Public Events are back in Destiny 2. But the good news is that we get to see a proper timer under each event. According to Rob Engeln (Rituals and Programming Lead at Bungie), there are some public events that are just a remake of what we had in Destiny 1, he said:

We have a few events that we’ve taken and re-imagined from before. We also have a huge number of new types of events – we’ve more new types than we’ve ever had in Destiny before.

Destiny 2 Beta

Now, Public Events have a bonus objective which if you trigger will get you a heroic version of that event (you’ll get bonus reward as well).


If you’re playing Destiny 1, you may know patrol missions. Adventures are kind of the same thing. Instead, you’ll get to know some history of characters/enemies. Also, there won’t be any loot for completing an adventure. Adventures unlocks after you’ve finished the campaign.


Lost Sectors:

Lost Sectors are based on an in-cave boss encounter, where you need to find the hidden cave and eliminate the boss at the very end of it. By defeating the boss, you’ll get a chest to loot. Some lost sectors are very tough to find than the others.



We have heard failsafe in “The Inverted Spire” strike but don’t know much about her. Here’s what Rob said about her:

She is actually the AI that has left over from this human colony ship that crashed on a destination. Though, she’s still ticking even though all the other survivors are gone.


Flashpoints are the weekly featured heroic public events that on defeating the main boss, you can get some sweet sweet loot. Flashpoints will be destination-specific events – means if Nessus is this week’s featured destination for flashpoint, you’ll get to complete number of public events on Nessus in order to get bonus loot.

What are your thoughts on Lost Sectors, Flashpoints and Adventures? Do let us know in comments!

Source: IGN’s Fireteam Chat

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