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Bungie Just Revealed a Total Number of Cutscenes Destiny 2 will have

Destiny 2 beta is about to end on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. But before that, players get to try out new Social Space called “The Farm” tomorrow at 10:00 AM Pacific only for one hour. Yesterday, Bungie held a panel at San Diego Comic Con SDCC which unfortunately wasn’t live streamed anywhere. But eventually, we did get some updates from their panel.

According to Bungie Informer, Bungie revealed at their SDCC panel that Destiny 2 will have a total of 50+ cutscenes. That’s definitely more than what we had in Destiny 1. As we already know, Luke Smith (Lead Director for Destiny 2) said that players might complain for too much story there is in Destiny 2.


Some other tweets from shows some more details about Dominus Ghaul. They tweeted:

He is like a knight, rescuing the Traveler from humanity, capturing it to put in the center of his universe.

Bungie already discussed about the Grimoire that’s totally in-game now which is now another reason of having more cutscenes in Destiny 2.

Another tweet from Margaret Stohl:

This would definitely be an incredible moment for The Vanguard, as we haven’t seen them in battle. But seeing Zavala, Ikora and Cayde-6 fighting besides each other is a whole new thing (literally can’t wait for D2 now!). These are some of the updates from Bungie panel at SDCC. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in comments!

Source: Bungie Informer

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